Employee satisfaction has proven to be a significant link to employee happiness. Getting your workforce motivated and happy isn’t easy, but it also doesn’t have to be impossible.

Why our programs work

We focus on immediate implementation. Our unique framework allows for this in both areas of life: personal and professional. Our plan is designed with seven practical and actionable principles that are proven to enhance an individual’s performance and maximise their potential.

Satisfaction and happiness are interconnected
Employees that feel satisfied, valued, and happy at work typically outperform those disengaged or disgruntled. Satisfaction yields happiness, which then feeds back into satisfaction. These emotions feed off one another. Satisfaction doesn’t occur without happiness and vice versa.

We’re bringing happiness to the workplace.
Organisations will find that investing in happiness generates a better outcome for employees and the success of the business. Part of our mission is changing the narrative on career fulfilment. The current equation is that employees should work harder then they’ll find success and happiness. But that’s not true, discoveries in the field of positive psychology have shown that this formula is actually backward: Happiness fuels success, not the other way around.

The Positive Scenario team has been bringing the ideas of The Happiness Advantage, from created by acclaimed author Shawn Achor, to employees and organisation with brilliant results.   Shawn says, “The greatest competitive advantage in the modern economy is a positive and engaged brain.” Our clients have found this to be true, including brands like Suncorp and Lion.

The benefits of happiness
Two decades worth of research on positive psychology had revealed many benefits of emotionally secure and healthy employees at work. For those organisations that have a positive workforce, studies have found these things to be true:

  • On average across multiple studies, teams are 37% more successful in sales
  • Employees suffer from 23% fewer symptoms of stress and fatigue
  • The workforce is 31% more productive
  • The quality of work is 19% more accurate
  • Staff is up to three times more creative (happiness and satisfaction are big influencers on creativity)
  • Employees can be up to 10 times more engaged (this is huge given that in Australia, fewer than 30% of employees are engaged/happy in their work
    Organisations can enjoy these types of improvements by working with us. We’ll help you find opportunities to increase satisfaction and happiness.

We aim to right the equation in the workplace so that employee satisfaction equals happy employees. Learn more about our The Happiness Advantage Orange Frog Workshop today.

“Great workshop, gets you out of your comfort zone and demonstrates change is possible by altering your mindset and opening your mind.”
Steven Hill, National Consulting Director, Constructive
“Fabulous workshop, has changed the way I see work and added another dimension to it!”
Paul Oakfield, Consulting Partner, Rain Group Asia Pacific