Constructive – this general manager was not willing to accept the status quo


Constructive – this general manager was not willing to accept the status quo

Giles Keay, General Manager at Constructive

Constructive is an award-winning Australian recruiter supplying dynamic talent solutions to the built environment, resources and infrastructure industries.

In this frank interview Giles Keay, General Manager at Constructive explains why he is not willing to accept the status quo in his organisation, despite everything being fine as is.  He reveals how implementing The Happiness Advantage has helped his team start driving best practices through positivity.

What were your goals before you attended the Happiness Advantage Workshop last December?

We wanted to provide a platform on which to launch new initiatives, also drive best practices through positivity with colleagues, clients and candidates.

What challenges (pain points) were you experiencing before attending the workshop?

None in particular, we were doing fine, we certainly had lots of areas that needed improvement.

Why did you choose Positive Scenario over other organisations with similar offerings?

Following The Happiness Advantage workshop last year, we found the facilitator, Alex Dawson engaging and he spoke on level terms with our team. His experience in the sales industry also helped our staff relate and more importantly he could, in turn, relate the Happiness Advantage Principles to our company.

What might have happened in your organisation if you didn’t attend the workshop?
Status quo, we would have been fine but no real improvement.

How have your team used The Happiness Advantage?
We have it as a platform to create a best place to work initiative, which will be discussing how we can improve and change the business to become an even greater employer of choice.

We have also reviewed all internal processes and interactions with clients and candidates and are developing simple strategies to implement and utilise The Happiness Advantage Principles. It is an ongoing process and we are excited to see the potential impact this will have on referrals and repeat business.

Who within your organisation is using these techniques/tools from the workshop?
Consultants, Directors and Operations Staff.

Have you had any specific feedback from your team?
Very positive feedback from the whole company on the workshop itself.

The team expressed it was the best employee training session they ever had, the training they experienced gave them tools and routines to use in their day to day work and personal life.

They now feel they are empowered to shape an even more positive culture within our organisation.

Next Steps
We continue to roll out the Happiness Advantage Workshop and have the team at Positive Scenario at hand to assist us through the process of change.