Content created by Shawn Achor, as seen in Success Magazine. 

Our physical environment can have an enormous impact on our well-being. Although we don’t have complete control over our surroundings, we can make specific efforts to infuse them with positivity.

Think about your office: What feelings does it inspire? People who flank their computers with pictures of loved ones aren’t just decorating—they’re ensuring a hit of positive emotion each time they glance that direction. Bring a framed picture of your spouse, child or closest friends to set on your desk. It’ll boost your mood every time it catches your eye.

Making time to go outside on a nice day also delivers a huge advantage. One study found that spending 30 minutes outside in good weather not only boosted one’s positive mood but also broadened thinking and improved working memory. Don’t forget to take a break from the screen every once in a while for a breath of fresh air.

You have the power to set yourself up for success.

Originally published at Success Magazine

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